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Turismo senza barriere

Tourism for all
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The symbols

struttura accessibile The structure has been directly verified by Tourism Without Barriers
disabili su ruotepuo essere necessario un aiutoFacilities accessible to people with mobility problems more or less relevant.
turismo non vedentiturismo sordiAccessible facilities that provide services to people with sensory difficulties.
allergie celiachia Accessible facilities that provide services to people with food intolerances, allergies etc..


- it puts at the operators of the tourist system’s disposal a database with information regarding the hospitaly structures and other correlated services, for specific and qualified commercial opportunities

- it guarantees planned and selected contacts to the operators of the tourist system with a basin of new potential customers, that regularly travel or desire to travel

- it takes care of the training and the advice that are required for the exploitation-and creation in Italy of hospitality services for customers with disabilities and 'special demands'

- it cooperates with Authorities for the development of the tourism economy of those territories that are able to offer suitable vacations to the various ‘’special needs’’

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